Investigative Unit

The Investigations Unit is tasked with performing reactive and proactive criminal investigations in Boone County. Detectives receive specialized training to investigate crimes against persons, crimes against property, computer crimes, and drug crimes. Cases are assigned to detectives based on their experience and area of training. Detectives are also tasked with managing the sex offender registry.

Boone County Sheriff's Office Cyber Crimes Task Force

The Boone County Sheriff's Office Cyber Crimes Task Force is a part of the Investigations Unit. A need was recognized for the ability to investigate computer related crimes, specifically crimes perpetrated against children. The task force was created in 2007 and is a member of the Missouri Internet Crime Against Children Task Force. The primary goal of the task force is to prevent victimization by cyber criminals and to educate citizens on preventive measures to protect them from cybercrimes.

Proactive Saturation Unit

A specialized group within the Investigations Unit is the Proactive Saturation Unit (PSU). Deputies assigned to this detail are highly motivated, experienced, and self-directed. This Unit, through intelligence-led policing, is tasked with investigating the criminal activity of career criminals, street level drug dealers, violent offenders, arresting felony fugitives, and weapons violators.