Landlord Tips For Safer Communities

Most of the problem crime areas in Boone County are in neighborhoods with a high concentration of rental units and trailer parks. Landlords who "rent to anybody" create a haven for drug dealers, thieves, and a wide range of criminal activities.

Landlords can help reduce crime by utilizing methods to properly screen tenants, maintain an aesthetic environment, and create a safe, pleasant living community. Landlords who develop and maintain high standards will attract good tenants, see an increased demand for units, boost property values, and improve safety for all!

Poor rental standards by some landlords results in higher crime, damage to property, lower property values, and the cost of eviction.

Free Tips & Resources For Screening Prospective Tenants

  • Use the daily 07:00 Report to view arrests made by area law enforcement agencies in the previous 24 hours!
  • Check the Registered Offenders list to get the names and addresses of rapists, child molesters and others convicted of sex crimes!
  • Check Active Warrants to see the names of everyone currently with either a felony or misdemeanor warrant for their arrest in Boone County!
  • Check the Office of State Courts Administrator's website. This site provides civil and criminal court case information of participating courts in the State of Missouri. Landlords can perform a search to see if prospective tenants possibly have previous criminal charges. A search can also be done to see if prospective tenants have been sued for non-payment of rent, utilities, child support or neglecting other financial responsibilities. should not be used solely as a criminal background check.
  • The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. This government site provides information on the Federal Fair Housing Information Act.
  • The Attorney General for the State of Missouri and the Missouri Bar Association provide information on landlord and tenants rights and responsibilities.
  • More tips on developing and maintaining a crime free rental community can be found on the International Crime Free Association site.