Patrol Unit

Deputies have jurisdiction for the entire county of Boone. This includes any town within Boone County that does not have a police department. Deputies have powers of arrest in all municipalities and townships within Boone County.

Boone County consists of 684 square miles. Uniformed Deputies are assigned to a district; there are four districts in Boone County, 2 north of I -70 and 2 south of I-70.

Uniformed Deputies enforce and investigate Missouri State Criminal and Traffic laws, answer calls for service and patrol Boone County roads. Deputies serve arrest and search warrants, orders of protection, probate orders, subpoenas and civil summonses.

Uniformed Deputies receive at least 60 shifts of training with a Field Training Officer. Uniformed Deputies are assigned a take home patrol vehicle equipped with mobile data terminal, radar unit and video camera. Uniformed Deputies must be able to work any shift, once field training is completed.

Commissioned staff are required to participate in continuing education, as directed by the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

Work Schedule

Currently uniformed deputies work a 28 day pay period and receive pay every other week. Deputies assigned to patrol work a rotating 10-hour shift schedule. Specialty positions may require a modified work schedule to meet the objectives of the assignment.