Programs and Services

Detainee Programs


Fill out and return the Volunteer Application to the Boone County Jail using the mailing instructions located at the top of the form.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Community Volunteers who have been cleared via criminal background checks provide a weekly program for those wishing to participate in Alcoholics Anonymous. This program is identical to any program nationwide and detainees pending release are referred to existing chapters they can attend upon release. Program participation is dependent upon any possible "no-contacts" between detainees housed in the facility and is also limited by the number of spaces available in our detainee program space.

Narcotics Anonymous

Community Volunteers who have been cleared via criminal background checks provide a weekly program for those wishing to participate in Narcotics Anonymous. This program, like Alcoholics Anonymous, is identical to programs nation-wide and detainees anticipating release can be referred to chapters available to the general public. Program participation is only restricted to possible "no-contacts" between current detainees and class size.

Religious Programming

The Boone County Jail is serviced by the local Inter-Faith Council, an association of numerous denominations in and around the Boone County area that provide a "non-denominational" message of faith to our detainee population in the form of organized services on Sunday. There are two scheduled programs for the males and one for the females each Sunday. In addition to these organized services, an organized Bible study group that services men and women on alternating Saturdays is available. As with our detainee programming, attendance is restricted upon existence of "no-contact" status and the number of detainees allowed in the program area at one time.

Educational Services

Due to the volatile transient nature of our jail population, organized educational classes do not exist in the Boone County Jail. We do however, cooperate with the local Public School System(s) and allow access to materials for those detainees who are assured of graduation. We also allow study for GED testing on a limited and pre-approved basis.

Custody Support Services

Medical Services

We have contracted with Advance Correctional Healthcare to provide 24/7 nursing, along with 40 hours of qualified mental healthcare. Additionally, a physician visits the facility weekly and will stay until all work is completed. There is a physician on call for the medical staff 24/7.

Legal Services

Access to legal services is available, upon request, by our detainee population that have been approved by a judge to represent themselves, or when appealing a conviction. This web-based service provides basic legal research, as well as access to federal forms and cases. Detainees who are represented by a private attorney or by the Office of the Public Defender will not have access to web-based legal resources.

Library Services

Library carts are provided to the detainees once a week. Detainees may have a maximum of two non-religious books in their possession at any given time. Only paperback books are allowed in the facility. The Boone County Jail library is made by possible by generous public donations. Please contact a member of the Jail Administration is you wish to donate.