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Investigative Unit

The Boone County Sheriff's Department Investigative Unit is divided into two separate units with each being supervised by a Detective Sergeant.

Investigation photo

Unit One

Unit one consists of a sergeant and 6 detectives.

The detectives investigate crimes against persons such as homicide and death investigations, robbery, sexual assaults – adult & juvenile, incidents of domestic violence, and child abuse. The Investigative Unit is also responsible for working property crimes such as burglary, stealing, auto theft, arson, fraud, forgery, and identity theft. Although there are no specialty positions within this Unit, cases are distributed to the Detectives based on specialized training and experience. All sex offender registrations, warrants, and violations are the responsibility of the Investigative Unit. Detectives are on-call 24 hours a day and are expected to respond to all major incidents. Detectives are also trained as crime scene investigators, a voluntary assignment.

Unit Two

Unit two consists of a sergeant and 6 detectives investigating drug crimes, internet crimes against children and a uniformed pro active patrol unit.

Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force

The Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force is a task force facilitated and managed by the Boone County Sheriff's Department.

The Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force is a joint cooperative effort formalizing relationships between and among the participating agencies in order to foster an efficient and cohesive unit capable of addressing the problem of crimes committed through the use of computers and the Internet within the Mid-Missouri area. These investigations include but are not limited to Internet enticement of children, child pornography, trafficking of children, trafficking of illegal narcotics to children, harassment, cyber bullying, terrorist threats, and other crimes facilitated through the use of computers, the Internet, or other electronic media and the forensic examination of computers and other electronic media used to facilitate criminal activity. It is the desire of the participating agencies to achieve maximum inter-agency cooperation in a combined law enforcement effort aimed at reducing criminal activity perpetrated though the use of computers, the Internet, and other electronic media within the communities it serves.

The goal of the Mid-Missouri Internet Crime Task Force is to decrease the number of children and families becoming victims of crimes perpetrated through the use of the Internet. We strive to achieve these goals by providing the following resources.


Task Force investigators investigate allegations of criminal activities perpetrated through the use of the Internet. Complaints are received from citizens, law enforcement agencies, and cyber tips from the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children CyberTip line assigned through the Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The Task Force also conducts undercover investigations into crimes perpetrated against Mid-Missouri children through the use of the Internet.

Investigation photo
Investigation photo

Forensic Examinations

The Task Force conducts forensic examinations on computers, electronic media, and cellular telephones obtained as a result of a Task Force investigation or at the request of a law enforcement agency or Prosecuting Attorney in the Mid-Missouri area.

Public Awareness

Investigators assigned to this task force participate in public awareness and education programs to educate parents, grandparents, social workers, school officials, students, and others about the dangers of the Internet. These programs also serve to educate the public on methods to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of Internet crime. Primarily these programs will be provided to public and private schools, parent organizations, civic groups, religious organizations, local media, or other group meetings.

For more information on the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force you can visit their Web page: http://www.bcsdcybercrimes.com

Boone County Sheriff's Department Drug Enforcement Unit

The mission of the drug enforcement unit is to deter individuals from becoming involved with controlled substances, decrease the number of individuals involved with this illegal activity, and reduce the amount of crime associated with the use of controlled substances by arresting those responsible for distributing, delivering, manufacturing, or producing controlled substances, seizing the assets of persons involved in those activities, and providing education and public awareness to the communities and citizens of Boone County, Missouri.

Boone County Sheriff's Department Proactive Saturation Unit

In an effort to improve the safety of the citizens of Boone County and prevent crime and injustice, the Boone County Sheriff's Department has created the Proactive Saturation Unit. This unit works closely with the drug enforcement unit and other detective units. It is comprised of highly motivated, experienced, self-directed deputies.

PSU deputies are encouraged to legally target career criminals, street level drug dealers, violent offenders, wanted felons, and weapons violators. The PSU maintains high visibility patrol with an emphasis on numerous community contacts. PSU excels at developing criminal intelligence to be shared with detectives and patrol deputies.

Typically, a two-person unit, PSU deputies also respond as an extra unit to saturate priority in-progress type calls.