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Enforcement Division

Ride Along Program

Application for Ride-Along Program

The Boone County Sheriff's Department provides a valuable service to the public it serves. Patrol deputies are a vital part of this service and regularly encounter a number of situations requiring discipline and problem solving abilities. In an effort to encourage greater understanding between the public and the role of a deputy sheriff, this department allows, under strict guidance, non-departmental persons meeting certain eligibility criteria, to ride along and observe deputies as they perform their duties. Persons meeting eligibility may ride along with a deputy no more than once every thirty days, and no more than four (4) times per year.


Individuals wishing to ride along with a deputy must;

** Individuals age 14 to 17 may participate in the Ride-Along Program only as part of a school-sanctioned Job Shadow or Career Day type event with signed parent/guardian consent. Junior or Senior High School students who do not possess photo identification from a state or federal government agency may still participate in this program. Absolutely no one under age 14 will be allowed to participate in this program.

Applications to ride along should be submitted to the Sheriff's Department at least two weeks prior to the time the applicant is requesting to ride. If submitted by mail, please enclose a copy of your photo identification with the application.

If you have any additional questions about our Ride-Along Program, please feel free to call the Sheriff's Department and ask to speak with one of the Enforcement Division Captains or the Chief Deputy.