Dwayne Carey
Boone County Sheriff
Boone County Sheriff's Department and Jail
2121 County Dr.
Columbia, MO 65201
Office (573) 875-1111
Fax (573) 874-8953




Deputies have jurisdiction for the entire county of Boone. This includes any town within Boone County that does not have a police department. Deputies have powers of arrest in all municipalities and townships within Boone County.

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Boone County consists of 684 square miles. Uniformed Deputies are assigned to a district; there are four districts in Boone County, 2 north of I -70 and 2 south of I-70.

Uniformed Deputies enforce and investigate Missouri State Criminal and Traffic laws, answer calls for service and patrol Boone County roads. Deputies serve arrest and search warrants, orders of protection, probate orders, subpoenas and civil summonses.

Uniformed Deputies receive at least 60 shifts of training with a Field Training Officer. Uniformed Deputies are assigned a take home patrol vehicle equipped with mobile data terminal, radar unit and video camera. Uniformed Deputies must be able to work any shift, once field training is completed.


There are a total of 36 uniformed patrol deputies in the enforcement division. The division is supervised by 6 sergeants. There are 24 uniformed deputies and 2 uniformed civil process deputies.

Work Schedule

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Currently uniformed deputies work a 28 day pay period and receive pay every other week. Uniformed deputies work either an 8 or 9 hour day, depending on the schedule rotation. The department also has specialty positions that require modified work times, as deemed necessary by the department.

In Service Training and Yearly Requirements

Uniformed Deputies are required to maintain the minimum standard of Continuing Education Units (C.E.U.) every year.

Specialties Within the Enforcement Division

Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (C.V.S.A.)
Crisis Intervention Team (C.I.T.)
Crisis Negotiation Team (C.N.T.)
Datamaster Instructor
Defensive Tactics Instructor
Drug Abuse Resistance Education Officer (D.A.R.E.)
Drug Recognition Expert (D.R.E.)
Evidence Technician
Field Training Officer (F.T.O.)
Firearms Instructor
International Police Mountain Bike Assoc.(IPMBA) Bike Unit
K-9 Unit
Oleoresin Capsicum (O.C.) Instructor
Radar Instructor
School Resource Officer (S.R.O.)
Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) Team
Taser Instructor
Traffic Officer