Dwayne Carey
Boone County Sheriff
Boone County Sheriff's Department and Jail
2121 County Dr.
Columbia, MO 65201
Office (573) 875-1111
Fax (573) 874-8953


Jail Information

Location: Boone County Jail
2121 County Drive
Columbia Missouri 65202
Phone: (573) 875 1111
Directions: Map

We are located north of I-70 just off of Hwy 63 between Oakland Gravel Road and Prathersville Road on the west side of the highway. We are directly across the main highway from the Boone County Fairgrounds and City of Columbia/Boone County Softball Complex.

Map showing the location of the Boone County Jail

The Boone County Jail was opened on February 28, 1991. The original jail/Sheriff's Operations Building complex, existed of four buildings with a Vehicular Sally Port. The entire project comprised approximately 54,000 square feet at an initial cost of about 6.8 million dollars. The jail occupies three and one half buildings and approximately 35,000 square feet of space. The remaining 19,000 square feet of program space is devoted to joint mechanical space and the Sheriff's Operations.

This new jail is an "indirect supervision" model which allows for viewing into the cell blocks by way of windows and camera monitoring by control room officers as well as roving officers that enter in the cell blocks and housing units on a frequent basis. Each of the three detainee housing structures includes a central control room surrounded by 5 to 7 housing cell blocks. Each cell block holds from six to twenty four detainees of various gender and offense classification.

The original jail had 134 beds for custodial detainees and a 50-bed Work Release center split with 35 beds for men and 15 beds for women detainees. In 1999, we divested our Work Release program and contracted with Reality House Incorporated to manage that function. We conducted a major renovation of our work release facility and created a five unit classification custody area primarily for female detainees. With the addition of add-on bunk space and absorption of program space we added 26 additional beds in our original custody buildings and increased our total detainee capacity from 134 to 210 detainees. All this was done within the existing hardened environment of the original 1991 construction. As a result of the total use of existing hardened space we were forced to add a small storage building accessible to our admin building. Although our total maximum capacity is 246, due to classification and gender needs, we operate in the 210-220 capacity as a daily operational capacity.

Detainees that exceed our operating capacity are housed frequently at Reality House Inc., Cooper County, Chariton County, Howard County, Callaway County, Randolph County, and Montgomery County.