Dwayne Carey
Boone County Sheriff
Boone County Sheriff's Department and Jail
2121 County Dr.
Columbia, MO 65201
Office (573) 875-1111
Fax (573) 874-8953

Address & Phone Numbers


Boone County Sheriff's Department and County Jail
2121 County Dr
Columbia, MO 65202
OFFICE: (573) 875-1111
FAX: (573) 874-8953

Sheriff Dwayne Carey
573-875-1111 ext. 6219

Chief Deputy
Major Tom Reddin
573-875-1111 ext. 6227


Detention Director
Captain Keith Hoskins
573-875-1111 ext. 6235

Captain Jenny Atwell
573-875-1111 ext. 6243


Captain Greg Vandegriffe
573-875-1111 ext. 6248


Captain Gary German
573-875-1111 ext. 6201

Angela Ayers
573-875-1111 ext. 6200

For emergencies dial 9-1-1
Non-emergency dispatch 573-442-6131
Boone County Sheriff's Dept. 573-875-1111

D.O.V.E. Unit Contact Information

Please contact us with any questions you might have. We can help, and we want to!

The D.O.V.E. Detectives

Detective Heath Chinn
Boone County Sheriff's Department
2121 County Drive
Columbia, Missouri 65202-9051
Office: (573) 875-1111 ext. 6266
Fax: (573) 874-8953

Detective Brian Grove
Columbia Police Department
600 E Walnut St
Columbia, MO 65201-4491
Office: (573) 817-6426
Fax: (573) 442-9660

Detective Randy Nichols
Columbia Police Department
600 E Walnut St
Columbia, MO 65201-4491
Office: (573) 874-7578
Fax: (573) 442-9660

Columbia Police's D.O.V.E. Site

Major Crimes - (573) 874-7423

The D.O.V.E. Prosecutors

Boone County Prosecuting Attorney's Office
Boone County Courthouse, 4th Floor
705 East Walnut Street
Columbia, Missouri 65201-4485
Office: (573) 886-4100
Fax: (573) 886-4148
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM If non-emergency and answering machine comes on, leave a message and your call will be returned.

Assistant Prosecutors (Domestic-Related Offenses)

Female Victims
Jessica Caldera (Defendant Last Name A-L)
Sue Boresi (Defendant Last Name M-Z)

Male Victims
David Hansen
Nicholas Komoroski

Crime Victim Specialists
Amanda Douglass
(573) 886-4328
Mark Koch
(573) 886-4145

True North
P.O. Box 1367
Columbia, Missouri 65203-1367
(573) 875-1370 or (573) 875-1369
Toll free 800-548-2480 in Missouri

The D.O.V.E. Advocate (True North)
Emily Burnham, Victim Advocate
Boone County Sheriff's Department
Columbia Police Department
Office: (573) 875-0503

Probation and Parole

1903 N. Providence Rd.
Columbia, MO 65202
(573) 441-5862

Family Counseling Center - MEND Program

Ted Solomon
117 N. Garth Ave
Columbia, MO 65203

NOTE: Every effort will be made to respond as quickly as possible to any email. However, for the quickest response, please call members of the D.O.V.E. Unit at the phone numbers listed above.

Also, please be aware that any personal information you send us by email (such as your name, address, etc.) is not secure and could possibly be seen by others on the internet. The Boone County Sheriff's Department cannot be held liable for lost, eavesdropped or otherwise misused email.