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Boone County Sheriff
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Civil Process

The Civil Process Unit consists of one civil process specialist and four civil process deputies. This unit serves all civil papers such as criminal and civil subpoenas, criminal and civil summonses, landlord tenant process, child support enforcement process, and various other civil related processes. The Boone County Sheriff's Department only serves court issued/ordered civil documents. For a list of fees, go to the process fees page.

To check to see if your civil paper has been served, you can go to the civil process search page or contact Angela Ayers at AAyers@boonecountymo.org or (573)875-1111 ext. 6200.

Landlord Tips


Most of the problem crime areas in Boone County are in neighborhoods with a high concentration of rental units and trailer parks. Landlords who "rent to anybody" create a haven for drug dealers, thieves and a wide range of criminal activities.

Landlords can help reduce crime by utilizing methods to properly screen tenants, maintain an aesthetic environment and create a safe, pleasant living community. Landlords who develop and maintain high standards will attract good tenants, see an increased demand for units, boost property values and improve safety for all!

Poor rental standards by some landlords result in higher crime, damage to property, lower property values and the cost of eviction.

FREE Sources Available To Screen Prospective Tenants:

Fee Based Site For Screening Tenants:

Accurate Credit Systems is a central Missouri company providing nationwide credit and background checks on prospective rental tenants for a fee.

****The Columbia Police Department periodically holds seminars for landlords throughout Boone County on ways to make rental communities crime free. There is more information about Crime Free Housing at https://www.como.gov/. At this site enter Crime Free Programs in the Search block. The contact person is Officer Tim Thomason at 874-7426.