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Custody Operations


The first process of incarceration occurs at intake in the County Jail. We book, process into the jail, approximately 6,000 detainees a year. This equates to 16 per day that must be fingerprinted, photographed, booked, and either further processed for incarceration or bonded out of custody.

  1. Fingerprints are captured using the "LiveScan" system which is tied directly to the Missouri Highway Patrol fingerprint repository in Jefferson City, Missouri. We have been using this technology since 2001.

  2. Photographs are captured using a digital photographic system which ties the detainee's photograph with their jail documents. We have been using this system since 1994.

This is in addition to the approximate sixteen detainees that are released from custody daily and those detainees temporarily moved in and out of the facility to court proceedings and medical appointments.

In addition to the booking/bonding process, intake is also responsible for both non-contact and contact visitation and for visiting law enforcement contacting the detainee population.

While in intake, the person who complies with the booking process is allowed to make numerous phone calls to family or bondspersons to arrange for release from the jail. Phones are also available for use by the detainee while assigned to general population.

If the detainee is to remain in custody, a complete medical and mental health questionnaire further processes them, they are classified appropriate to gender, age and offense and assigned to housing within one of our three custody buildings.

The custody operations of the Boone County Jail are carried out on a shift basis by four separate squads comprised of eleven staff each. Each squad is supervised by one Sergeant.

Each squad is responsible for the daily operation inside the jail on the 12-hour shift they are assigned to. This includes any extractions, restraints, video court, and medical emergencies. Each squad supervises the detainee population, conducts inspections of the facility, feeds, and provides security for the facility and the detainee population.


Part of the custody operation is the Transport Section. There are one Sergeant and five officers assigned full time to manage and provide security for our detainee population when they go to court and to outside medical appointments. This transport section is also responsible for obtaining detainees on warrants that are arrested in other counties and to bring detainees in from other jurisdictions to appear in court on Boone County cases. This unit is also responsible for maintaining security on detainees at jury trials in Boone County. On major court appearance days, this unit is supplemented by overtime work by off-duty custody officers.