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Explorer Program

If you think your career future includes law enforcement, the Boone County Sheriff’s Department Explorer Program may be for you.


The Explorer program is part of Boy Scouts of America organized under Learning for Life's career education program. Explorer Post 2121 membership is open to young men and women between the ages of 14 and 20. The program is provided so young adults have the opportunity to experience law enforcement first hand as well as develop leadership and citizenship skills.


Post 2121 Explorer program is a year round activity. Explorers meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Thursday's for 1.5 to 2 hours during the evening. All 1st year Explorers will attend a 40 hour Basic Academy. Explorers will learn the basics of law enforcement and the operation of the Boone County Sheriff's Department. Activities within the program will range from Explorer competitions against other posts from around the country, riding along with deputies, classroom and practical training sessions related to law enforcement that include, but are not limited to, the history of law enforcement, traffic law, radio procedure, firearms training, tactical training, crime prevention and patrol procedures. The Explorers will also assist at community events such as the Boone County Fair, Hartsburg Pumpkin-Fest, and the Memorial Day Air Show to name a few.

If you have any questions or you are interested in the Explorers program please contact:

Detective Chris Lester
(573) 875-1111 ext. 6206


Jennifer Basham
(573) 875-1111 ext. 6251

Application Process


Explorer Post 2121 has been limited to 24 positions, 4 of which are leadership spots. The Explorer positions available will be drawn from the following Boone County schools:

Please fill out the application (see below) completely and legibly along with all the attached forms.

Return your completed application to the Boone County Sheriff’s Department attention Explorer Post 2121 either by mail or by personally delivering your application.

Boone County Sheriff’s Department
2121 County Drive
Columbia, MO 65202
Phone 573-875-1111

Stage 1

Your application will be processed and if it meets basic standards you will be passed to the next stage of the application process.

Stage 2

Background checks, references, school grades, juvenile office, parent or guardian, will be contacted. If passing this stage you will be contacted by phone for a personal interview.

Stage 3

Finally, the applicant will have a personal interview and parent or guardian final approval. There are a limited number of open positions to fill so the competition will be at the highest level.

Membership Requirements


Membership in Law Enforcement Explorer Post 2121 is open to young adults, male or female, between the ages of 14 and 20 having completed the 8th grade, under the following guideline:

  1. Have parental approval, which includes signatures by the Explorer and his/her parents or guardians on a general liability release form
  2. Be in good health.
  3. Be of good morale character with no arrest or conviction records.
  4. Have a good conduct record at school with the recommendation for participation from teachers. Maintain at least a "C" average while in school.
  5. Conform to the Boone County Sheriff’s Code of Conduct and dress standards when representing Law Enforcement Explorer Post 2121 and the Boone County Sheriff’s Department.

Uniform and Equipment


The following Items are required in order to be allowed to participate in the Law Enforcement Explorer Post 2121 activities. Do not purchase anything until you have completed the application process and been accepted.

The following Items will be provided by the Boone County Sheriff’s Department:

The following Items must be provided by the Explorer:

Prices are a general figure and could be more or less depending on where items are purchased. Financial assistance may be available on a case by case basis.

Explorer Post 2121 Application:


Click on the Star graphic below to start the download. Application in .PDF file format.

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