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Custody Support


Laundry Facilities Female Laundry Facilities
Laundry Facilities Male Laundry Facilities

Volunteer detainee labor provides laundry service. Each detainee is provided with two changes of uniforms and two blankets. Blankets are washed once weekly and the uniforms are exchanged every two days.

We have two large commercial washers and dryers for the male uniform laundry and for blanket laundry. The main laundry room is located adjacent to our kitchen facilities.

We have two residential machines for use by our female volunteer detainee labor to wash the female uniforms and personal clothing. Blankets for the female detainees are diverted to the large commercial machines and washed by the male detainee labor force.

Food Service

We have contracted with CBM, Inc., for food service for the jail. This commercial kitchen is responsible for providing meals to our detainee population 365 days a year. These meals are a combination of both cold and hot meal service, with special attention for medical or religious diets and snack supplemented orders by our medical staff.

It is the goal of our contracted food service staff to provide filling and cost-effective meals that comply with Federal guidelines.

In addition, our food service staff maintains supervision over a limited number of volunteer detainee workers who assist in the kitchen area and are responsible for dishwashing and general cleaning of the food service area.

Medical Services

We have contracted with Advance Correctional Healthcare to provide 24/7 nursing, along with 40 hours of qualified mental healthcare. Additionally, a physician visits the facility weekly and will stay until all work is completed. There is a physician on call for the medical staff 24/7.

Legal Services

Access to the Courts is one of our basic tenets mandated by the Constitution of the United States. Although we do not have a Law Library per se, we do maintain one that is web based and it is available by request by our detainee population that can represent themselves or is appealing a conviction.

We learned years ago that once you deface an expensive law book, it is no good to anyone else until is it replaced. By using a web-based service, we not only provide basic required legal research, but we have access to Federal Forms and cases that we would not have otherwise.

Detainees who are represented by private attorney or by the Public Defender Office have at their command the resources represented by those offices and do not have access to our web-based Law Library.

Library Services

Our detainee library is made possible by generous public donations. We maintain a good list of most fiction and non-fiction books in paperback on book carts that are rolled into the housing units once a week. Detainees may have a maximum of two non-religious books in their possession at any given time.

Books must be paper-back only and may not display inordinate vulgarity, be of disproportionate salacious sexual nature, nor promote racist or hate baiting violence. Obvious banned subject matter would be martial arts, lock smith or lock picking, or bomb making.

The Boone County Jail will be happy to accept donations of books and periodicals for use by our detainee population as the need arises. Please contact one of the Admin Team to schedule a delivery.