Dwayne Carey
Boone County Sheriff
Boone County Sheriff's Department and Jail
2121 County Dr.
Columbia, MO 65201
Office (573) 875-1111
Fax (573) 874-8953


Jail Administration Team

The Boone County Jail administrative team is comprised of a Chief Jail Officer, and two Captains, each accountable for two squads of custody personnel. Similar to "district patrol" situations, this methodology provides continuity of command with the line supervisors and their squads to the individual captains that monitor and guide their daily operation.

Chief Warren Brewer
Hired: December 1982
Chief Brewer can be contacted at (573) 875-1111 ext 6228 or WBrewer@boonecountymo.org.

"My personal philosophy is that all offenders should be treated as I would want my son or daughter to be treated should they be incarcerated."

Captain Hoskins Teaching a Class Captain Hoskins Teaching a Class
Captain Keith Hoskins
Hired: March 1986
Captain Hoskins is responsible for Squads 1 and 3. He can be contacted at: (573) 875-1111 ext 6235 or KHoskins@boonecountymo.org.

Captain Atwell Captain Atwell
Captain Jenny Atwell
Hired: June 1993
Captain Atwell is responsible for Squads 2 and 4. She can be contacted at: (573) 875-1111 ext 6243 or JAtwell@boonecountymo.org.